Aaron Dickinson

Multi-Instrumental Musician 

Local talent

Aaron can currently be seen performing with the Broken Outlaws in Boise, ID, other towns in Idaho and Oregon.

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About Aaron

Aaron graduated from the Lionel Hampton School of Music  with his bachelor’s degree in music performance in 2015. His primary instrument through school was the alto saxophone, but throughout his time there he picked up the tenor, soprano sax, and bari (he is very happy to have just purchased a baritone sax) along with many other instruments. In college, he primarily focused on jazz and classical music, but with his current band, The Broken Outlaws, he has branched into country as well, playing keyboards. He played guitar in a previous band and is basically up for anything a band needs.

Aaron performs with the santucci brothers for the treefort music festival, 2022. Presented by Paste Magazine

Broken Outlaws

Aaron can also be seen as a member of the Broken Outlaws. They are a country with a heavy jazz and Irish influence. See them in action in videos. With them, Aaron plays all four of his saxophones, the cajone, the flute, the clarinet, and sings. He has also been known to pick up a new instrument when a song calls for it (the penny whistle, for example). The Broken Outlaws play in downtown Boise (pre-pandemic) and many other places. Find out where to see them next, Facebook, or Instagram!

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