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Aaron Dickinson

Multi-dimensional musician

Plays locally in the Boise Area

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Bandshell in Julia Davis Park

Aaron and his band, The Broken Outlaws were fortunate to perform at the Bandshell this last summer. Shortly after, there was a fire in the attic, stopping performances there.

Some of the Instruments

Aaron graduated in saxaphone performance, however, he plays and performs with many other instruments.


We first saw this instrument being played while we traveled in Ireland. Fascinated, he had to have one.


Whether it tenor, alto, soprano or baritone, Aaron plays them all expertly. His solos bring the crowds to their feet cheering. Catch him at Ha’ Penny to see for yourself.

New Instrument, No Problem

When his current band needed a penny whistle for some Irish tunes, Aaron quickly​ purchased one, learned to play it and picked up the songs.

Featured Instruments

You will find pictured the main instruments that Aaron currently plays. This is by no means a complete list. The list often grows daily.

Piano and Keyboard

Aaron took a beginning piano class in high school where they listened to tapes and followed along in books. Before the end of the class,​ he was wowing the girls with tunes from Andrew McCann and Augustanna . He now plays piano and keys in the band he is currently with.


Saxophone players are often called upon to second on clarinet and flute. Aaron is no exception and he plays both beautifully.

Guitar and string instruments

Aaron purchased a guitar at a yard sale in​ 4th grade. His mom, already tired of buying instruments, told him if he learned to play it himself, then maybe we could talk about lessons. He bought a ‘Learning to play the Guitar for Dummies’ and did just that. By the time he finished the book, his parents decided to buy him an acoustic​ guitar, and an electric​ plus lessons. He was​ ​a lead guitar for one of the first bands he was in.


Aaron got bored playing sax in the marching band. The songs weren’t very challenging​. So he took up the trumpet and marched and played in the Vandal marching band with that.

All the Saxophones

Aaron is well versed in Alto, Tenor, Soprano​ and even Baritone saxophone. He has even been known to play three different saxes within one song.
Come and listen to the variety and talent of this young man.


Aaron seconds on the flute and this year has added the Irish Penny Whistle to his list of instruments. Since his band has been playing at an Irish Pub, the addition has given song and Irish feel. Let’s hope a bagpipe isn’t next.

Listen . . .


I’m in Boise Idaho
and I travel with the current band I’m with.

Available for gigs in the Pacific Northwest, and/or we can talk.  
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